The product referred to as the new IAS Beaulieu 40R loudspeaker system (2023) is the intellectual property of Carl Beckwith.

The IAS Beaulieu 40R is a product created by Carl Beckwith – Audio Consultant, in consultation with the original co-founder of Integrated Audio Systems (Southampton), David Hall with reference to Alan Willis (of late) being David Hall’s co-founder business partner and collaborative design engineer at the inception of Integrated Audio Systems as a company and the gestation of the original Beaulieu loudspeaker design concept, launched in 1980.  

The product referred to as the original IAS Beaulieu loudspeaker system of 1980 is a product exclusively designed and the intellectual property therein of co-founders of Integrated Audio Systems, Southampton, England, David Hall and Alan Willis, with permission being granted to Carl Beckwith – Audio Consultant by surviving co-founder David Hall in realising the IAS Beaulieu 40R loudspeaker system concept in 2023 as a project leading toward production, marketing and sales of said product under the new company name, IAS Loudspeakers.   

David Hall is the surviving co-founder/partner of the company originally known and registered in England as Integrated Audio Systems Ltd., Southampton, England;  since disbanded.  

The name, IAS Loudspeakers is registered in the UK and is the sole property of Carl Beckwith, as applied to the re-introduction, marketing and sales of the new IAS Beaulieu 40R loudspeaker system, sold from and within the UK.  Any other business or persons may have no claim against the content, the referencing to, nor the use of the name IAS Loudspeakers in the context of the manufacture and sale of loudspeaker systems within the United Kingdom.   

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